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I wanted to now is the warrent issue the same day u miss probation or days later

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Does the probation officer issue the same day u miss the warrent or a few days later and what day do they put on it the day u miss or the day of the court

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  1. It can take a little while for the warrant to be issued. The Probation Officer has to sign an Affidavit of Violation of Probation and send it to the Judge along with his recommendation of whether a warrant should be issued or a Notice to Appear should be sent. The Judge then signs a warrant or issues a Notice to Appear and then it (warrant) goes to the police to be served or is (notice) mailed to you...

    If you missed a probation date, you should try to be proactive and contact your probation officer.

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  2. Failure to Report and Failure to Follow Officer's Instruction. |

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  3. On serious cases the PO can take a VOP to the Judge and a warrant can be issued the same day that you miss probation. You need to make contact with your PO first thing Tuesday morning. (Monday is a holiday). Even if you missed, and even if there is already a VOP, you are still on probation and you don't want to make things worse on yourself.

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