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I want to sue Walmart and need a lawyer

Houston, TX |

On January 6 2012 I was falsely accused, arrested, and charged with stealing from Walmart. Even after they knew they made a mistake and had the wrong person, they still pursued with having me charged. Loss prevention would even come to court pointing me out and continuing with the accusations! Today I finally got the case dismissed because they stopped showing up for court and didn't want to go any further I guess. I need a lawyer and would like to sue them!

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  1. If you've had your theft case dismissed, at this point you need a civil lawyer. I would think your criminal attorney could refer you to one who handles general civil litigation. A civil attorney can evaluate your case and let you know the likelihood of success on your claim. I will tell you it will be difficult. The burden will be on you to prove Walmart's actions were intentional. In other words, that they maliciously fabricated a case against you rather than simply being mistaken.

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  2. You have a long road to go to prove a false allegation. They didn't "stop showing up for court" because they never had to (unless it was a trial setting.) The lawyer who got your case dismissed today will know how that lawyer was able to succeed on your behalf. Talk with that lawyer first.

    Cynthia Henley

  3. You need a civil lawyer to assist you.

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