I want to sue to get my inheritance?

Asked over 1 year ago - Orem, UT

I am one of nine siblings and the living trust my parents had was so after the death of both all personal and income property would be sold. It has been over 60 days and they sold a income property for $154,000 when it was worth $200,000 or more. I am worried my brother is just selling so low to sell it and now he wants to sue for a property that he claims is worth $700,000 that was lost by our mother when she was alive.

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    Answered . You will need a probate litigation attorney to pursue action on this. I doubt, based on what you have said, that a court would take your brother to task on the sale of the property. Your share in this is low enough that it probably would not be worth pursuing. As to the other lawsuit, if it is successful, you would stand to receive a substantial amount of money. Is there any reason not to pursue the claim? If there is, it may an issue that your attorney could petition the court to get direction on.

    James Frederick

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    Answered . Fighting about the value of the sold property is likely not going to be beneficial. There are so many factors that are involved in a real estate transaction and the court will prefer the property sold than to sit unsold for a long time because no one is willing to pay the higher price.

    As for the other issue, there is not enough information to adequately answer the question. You should consider obtaining as much information as possible and then seek the advice of an attorney.

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    Answered . Hire an attorney to deal with your concerns.
    You won't be able to deal with this yourself.

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    Answered . I concur with my colleagues that you will not be able to handle this on your own. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" link on this Avvo website to find a local attorney who may be able to assist you and help you evaluate what, if anything, you should do.

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