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I want to sue a internet company for privacy breach stated in their contract

Paso Robles, CA |

they were in my home the box for the internet is in neighbors yard they went and spoke to my nieghbor to work on it and then decided to tell my neighbor about items in my house that were medical information about me this is a breach of my privacy and security who knows what other information they give out to people .... charters contract has a privacy clause and this is a breach and now causing me issues at home can i do anyuthing about this?

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    I'm sorry to say that because they are not a medical provider, they are not bound by the medical privacy laws to which a nurse or doctor would be bound. As a result, you invited them into your home for work on the Internet, as long as they are telling the truth and not defaming you, such actions are not illegal. Now, I would report them to their employer and explain how unprofessional and how much trouble they have caused you. That is really your only option.
    Good Luck!!

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  2. Probably no grounds for a lawsuit here. Reporting the conduct to the installation company and the internet provider might get you something like free service or upgrades.

  3. I suggest complaining to the company. I do not see a basis for a successful lawsuit. I suspect their privacy clause is written to apply to your content, movies and such. You could consult an attorney and provide more detail.

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