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I want to sue a dealer for not knowing what they are doing, can I?

Middletown, NY |

I got a car from Nissan of Middletown and it broke down 2 times in less than 3 months. However I cannot return the car under the lemon law unless it breaks down one more time. The fisrt time the warranty corvert it and all they did was a tune up but the second time they told me I have to pay $467 and all they did was take out the spark plugs clean them and an oil change and I told the dude that I have already done an oil change 20 days earlier. He said that all he knows is that I have to pay that bill and that's it. Then he called me 20 minutes later and said he actually looked into the car and found a leak in the head gasket and that all I had to pay now was $100 deductable. What kind of crap is that? Can I sue them?

Why should I have to pay $100 deductable if they didn't do their job in the first place the first time I took the car back within my 60 day warranty?

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