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I want to know the process of name split on an indian passport and visa while in US (H1B visa holder)

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I have indian passport with given name as xx yy zz and surname 'blank'. So my US visa has the following given name - FNU and surname - xx yy zz. I want to change it to given name - xx and surname - yy. without any zz as it is my father's name.
What is the process for the same?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. The process is to consult with an immigration attorney directly and fully disclose ay details as to the name discrepancy. Then you can resolve the problem.

  2. I agree with my Colleague, consult with an immigration attorney and they will help you file the proper paperwork to make the changes you require.

  3. I agree with my colleagues. A review of the documents is necessary.

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  4. Speak with an immigration attorney and the attorney will guide you through the process.


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