I want to know is the cost to do comunity service 24 hours 200 dollars

Ive never heard of to do comunity service no matter the hours u have to pay 200 dollars and the lawyer that i had is now a judge and that he cant gibe me any information regarding my case because he is now a lawyer

Shelby, NC -

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Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

go back to the court that sentanced you and the judge there will answer your question

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Andrew Nicholas Clifford

Andrew Nicholas Clifford

Criminal Defense Attorney - Raleigh, NC

Generally that sounds about right. Usually either the clerk or the probation office can assist you with that information. If you're unable to pay, inform them of that and ask for the proper procedure on waiving the fees. It may be difficult since you've already been sentenced, but it's worth a try if your circumstances have changed. Good luck.

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