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I want to know if I deserve shares of a company that is just starting up?

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I have been working as a graphic / web designer with a startup (which does not nor has it paid me because they haven't made any money) on the "promise" that I would be a share holder. Now that the 2 other guys are beginning to see a lot of promise for success, they want to split the shares of the company 50/50 (excluding me). I have invested about 250+ hours of labor and money for resources and transportation. I want to know if I can demand shares considering that that was a HUGE reason I invested so much in this project.

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You can demand all you want, but whether or not you get any shares will depend on several factors. Chiefly, do you have any writing that says you will get shares in exchange for your work? Is there already an existing entity with which you did business? Your question is really beyond the scope of this forum, I would suggest you use the find lawyer tab to locate an attorney in your area who can help you. Many attorneys office a free initial consultation where you can find out your legal rights.Good Luck.

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Thank you!

Alan Daniel Hall

Alan Daniel Hall


You're welcome.

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