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I want to know if I can do anything about someone posting things about my 11 year old son on the internet.

Brookville, PA |

My son wreslted a chid in a match this past weekend. Some time thur out the match the other childs had got broke. My son lost the match 6-5. Now sence Saturday night they have been posting things on wrestling sights saying my son did this and did it on purpose (which is not true). They are saying pretty much that he is a monstor. I want them to stop. They are making it look like my son is a monstor and cheats. I know this is not true but when you are posting things that 100 of 1000's of 100000 of people to see that are not hearing the whole stroy makes my son look bad. They are nameing him and they have also said things about me. I want them to stop and apolgize for what they have done an are doing. I just want to know if I have any legal ground to stand on to do something about this.

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There may be legal grounds to stop this, but a lawsuit is usually the worst way to solve this sort of problem. You probably want to start off by discussing this with the people who run your son's wrestling league or, if it is through school, the coach or athletic director there. A lawsuit will likely only inflame matters, cost a lot of money and is probably your last option here.

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