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I want to File a LAW SUITE AGAINST an Insurance Company for "BAD FAITH" & "ERISA" ... How do I go about this?

Redding, CA |

This Insurance Company is" WELL KNOWN" for it's "BAD FAITH" & "ERISA" actions! I have Have YEARS of DOCUMENTATION TO Pursue This... It's Just SOOOO UNBELIEVEABLE How these Insurances Company's GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! THEY SHOULD BE ON A "FRAUD LIST"!!! State Disability, Social Security and Welfare "FOOT THE BILL", when these Insurances Company's DELAY & Denie Legitimate Claims!!!! IT IS CRIMINAL!!!

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    Also, there is always a statute of limitations - all suits must be brought within a certain number of years. So, your "years of documentation" may very well be limited to only 2 or 3 years. The older claims may be barred by the statute of limitations. You probably need a CA lawyer on this one

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  2. Bad faith and other punitive actions are not available for welfare plans that are governed by ERISA. Sad but true.

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