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I want to enter the US, but i have a 10 yr ban

Dallas, TX |

I recently got deported (feb. 2012) and i want to go back, i have a wife and 2 daughters in texas. All american citizens, i was wondering if i go back, can I fix my legal status, bcz i need to go take care of my family.

i got deported for being illegally in the US and i got arrested for assault class a mis.

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Since you have a 10 year ban you will need to request a waiver of inadmissibility to be granted an immigrant visa to enter the US to be with your family. You and your family should consult with an immigration lawyer to see if your particular circumstances would qualify you for a waiver and if there is even a waiver available for the reason your are banned from the US. The requirement for the waiver is a very difficult one to meet and you need to be prepared that is will be an uphill battle to get a visa.

Please note that by answering this question an attorney client relationship is not created. My answer is general information based on the facts provided in the question. Detailed and accurate advice may only be given once a lawyer is able to meet with a person to assess the totality of a person's circumstances.

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ive heard most people get denied, thats y im afraid to stay here and wait, my family needs me


If you enter without permission , you will likely be subject to criminal prosecution and a permanent ban

Talk to a lawyer about applying for waivers.. it will n it be easy especially as you do not state why you were removed.
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Were you ordered removed at or near the border by CBP? Were you ordered in absentia by an immigration judge before the immigration court? If you failed to attend a hearing without justifiable cause, you will be subject to an unwaivable inadmissibility bar of five years.

More information is needed as to establish when you will become eligible for a waiver.

You should consult with a competent attorney or BIA accredited representative.

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