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I want to discharge my tuition debt, NOT student loan, in bankruptcy. When can I get my transcripts?

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Long story short, i owe my old college about $13K for bounced tuition checks and student aide money that was not applied. None of this debt is federal money, just a balance with the university. The school will not release my transcripts. If I file a Chapter 7 (I own no property and make less than $30k), will this discharge? How soon can I request my transcripts? Is there a process that can force them to release my transcripts? I've tried working with them and they won't release until paid in full and the only payment plans they'll accept come with a promissory note to lock me into the balance. I'm 24 and really need to finish my degree to get on with my life...

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  1. I think you are asking two distinct questions. One, is the debt subject to ch7 discharge? I would need to look at the actual statements to determine who actually holds the debt to determine its eligibility. Two, you may need to see what College association or certifications this school has. It may a violation of that membership to deny a former student their records(with some research their could be authority to get them). Also if you subsequently enroll in another school and they ask for the transcripts AFTER you petition and receive a ch7 discharge, are they going to be able to answer the same?? I don't think so. However, this first thing you must do is meet with an attorney who can review your qualifications for discharge. Good luck!!

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