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I want to change my plea of guilty to not guilty before sentencing. how do i do that

Wheaton, IL |

My ex boyfriend charged me with credit card fraud after i broke up with him a second time. He was going behind my back while we were together, allowing me to take his credit cards not saying anything, and mind you i went to places like good will macdonalds and the gas station, and he would then go to the police station and say I was stealing and write a report

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  1. You always have the right to change your plea. It is not too late.

    I suggest you get a lawyer who can help you notify the state's attorney that you are changing your plea.

    Good luck to you.

    My comments are not legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship exists between myself and any person reading these comments.

  2. For your criminal defense hire a lawyer to help you change your plea.

  3. I'm sorry to inform you but the advice that you are always free to change your plea is flat wrong. First, you must file a written motion with the court specifying the reasosn you want to change your plea and there must be good cause such as ineffective assistance of counsel, failure of the court to admonish you regarding possible sentences, invalid jury waiver are just a few. Having said that, it is unclear whether this is a blind plea, and unclear whether sentence has been pronounced but not imposed. These issues will make a difference. You need to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Were you represented by an attorney when you pled guilty?

  4. Ms. Russell is wrong, you may not always change your plea. And, because you were represented by counsel at the time you entered your guilty plea you will have a monumental fight on your hands to battle ahead. You were advised by the court at the time you entered your plea and you had to alert the judge that you were represented by counsel. And when you said you were guilty you had to willing state you knew the consequences of your plea.

    Hire a criminal defense lawyer FAST. You are in a heap of a mess and need help to get out.

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