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I want to build a tree house . What is height restrictions and land use requirements for one and what permits will be needed.

Port Orchard, WA |

The property is 5 acres and rural,I want to use it for studio, guest house, and vacation rental. the tree house will be no bigger than 200 sq. ft.

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  1. You will need engineering showing how the structure will be safe by building code standards. You should start with a engineer who can draw the plans you have in mind and then have a pre-development meeting with the county planning department then your engineer can explain how safety concerns will be address such as fire, earthquake, wind , and ease of access. bear in mind you will have to convince the department officials the building will be acceptable as engineered.
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  2. Mr. Alexander is absolutely correct. I would first go to the local building office where permits are issued and have a casual conversation with the county inspector before spending any money.

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  3. I would first visit local building and safety counter. They should give you some initial guidance of standards to follow.

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