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I want to apply for citizenship and I want to know if my criminal record can affect those chances.

Kalamazoo, MI |

In 2005 I was convicted of a misdamenor for retail fraud, I went to court and I had to pay fines. Also In 2005 I had a car accident and In 2006 I was given a felony for felonious driving. I was given 3 years of probation but I was relase early and only served 1 year and a half. I also payed fines. Mi question is if I can become a US citizen and petition my husband. We been married for almost 3 years. I have had good behavior for 5 years. I also want to know if this crimes can make me deportable if I apply for citizenship. Any advice will be helpful. Thank You.

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For naturalization, you need to show you are a person of "good moral character" for the past five years. this time generally will run from the completion of a probation or the other final terms of a criminal conviction. So your 2005 retail fraud is probably a crime involving moral turpitude, but it is a misdemeanor and you may have completed all the terms of the conviction beyond the 5-year period.

Your felony driving charge is also problematic, as many felonies may affect your citizenship application and may even affect your PR status. I would consult with an experienced naturalization attorney that is familiar with the penal code in Michigan.

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