I want to apply for an E2 Visa by investing in a franchise in the Houston, TX area. I would like to know about the process.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Katy, TX

Is it better to invest in a new store or to buy an existing one? How long does it take? Can I apply while being in the US on a B1/B2 visa (visiting, not working)? How much do I have to invest? Will I be able to qualify for a Green Card? if so, when?

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  1. Isaul Verdin

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    Answered . An E-2 visa can be accomplished by purchasing an existing business or forming a new one. The processing itself can be done within 15 days through premium processing or range from 2-4 months through regular processing. The rest of your questions would best be answered by consulting an immigration attorney.

    Best of luck.

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  2. Rehim Babaoglu

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    Answered . I would urge you to consult with and hire an immigration lawyer to assist you with this case. Not because I think you’re not capable of handling it, you may will be, but in order for the lawyer to debrief and brief you, analyze, assess and evaluate your case in order to maximize the possibilities for a successful result.
    You may be eligible for E-2 visa if you're from a treaty eligible country, an imimigrant investor visa: ($500k) or ($1M) and 10 US employees.

  3. J Charles Ferrari

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    Answered . An E-2 visa does not provide an avenue to a green card.

    You really need to retain an experienced immigration lawyer, whether myself or one of my colleagues, to review all the facts, advise you, and handle the case.

    J Charles Ferrari Eng & Nishimura 213.622.2255 The statement above is general in nature and does not... more
  4. Nancy L. Lanard

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues that you should consult an experienced Immigration attorney to assist you with this question. However, if you decide to invest in a franchise, you should consult with expert franchise counsel to help you evaluate the franchise opportunity.

    Good luck

    This response does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to provide legal advice for your... more
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