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I want to apply for a PA Civil Service job but have a misdemeanor DUI from 2011.

Scranton, PA |

The DUI was in another state altogether. I want to apply for a better job with better pay but I want to know whether this is going to affect my chances. If I am wasting my time, I won't even bother. It's the only ding on my entire record for my entire life and I'm in my mid-forties.

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  1. There is no way to predict what your employer's policy is and I think it is always good to try

  2. First of all, even though your question pertains to a criminal case and its possible impact on your job qualifications, it is not a Criminal Defense matter. You would probably get more informed responses by reposting this to the "Licensing" Practice Area. The particulars of how that out-of-state case was disposed of could have an impact on its effects. Was a diversionary program like PA's ARD utilized or is it a straight-up conviction? Alternatively you might consider contacting the Civil Service Commission for an opinion. Perhaps others who respond here will have the benefit of past specific experience with such a situation. Good luck.

  3. It can't hurt to apply for the civil service job. If the job involves driving and your license was suspended in PA as a result of the conviction or the charge it's more likely to effect your ability to get the job.

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