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I want my driver's license back without paying the credit agencies.

Mount Vernon, WA |

I have several unpaid tickets that need to get paid but I don't want to because they are rediculous tickets that don't need to be plead guilty too.

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Generally a discharge injection does not apply to debts owed to government agencies so bankruptcy is probably not your answer.

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I am sorry to say that, you may not want to pay but unless you do you will not have the privilege of driving. When you get a ticket and do not contest it and win you must pay the fine or your license will be suspended until you do. RCW 46.63.110

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How old are the tickets that you received? If the tickets are not too old, you may be able to pull the fines from collections and avoid paying additional fees to a credit agency. Depending on the court, you might even be able to vacate the judgement and set a date for a hearing, if you never had a hearing the first time around.

A local attorney who understands infraction law would be able to give you better advice if you were to provide more information regarding your case, but I don't recommend posting more information in a public forum such as this. Contact a local attorney and they will be able to answer your questions in greater detail, or contact the court to see if you can pull the fines from collections on your own.


Bankruptcy can help with tickets in some instances. In a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can provide for payment of the criminal fines, and if you complete your chapter 13 plan, the infractions will be discharged. You may want to consult with a bankruptcy attorney, especially if your license is currently suspended for unpaid fines. If your license is suspended solely for unpaid fines, when you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy and provide for payment of the fines through the plan, DOL will release the hold on your driver's license. You may also need to pay a reinstatement fee or take a test, however, depending on how long your license has been suspended.

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