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I want answers regarding my mother and no one in her family will help me. I would like to file a civil lawsuit against them.

Pearland, TX |

My mother had me out of wedlock and no one will help me find out who my father is. When my mother was 14 she was sent to a Youth Farm for two years for doing something to two little boys that she babysat. She then lived with her sister, Louise Hupp, from 16 to 18, and Louise Hupp will not give me any information. I want to file a civil lawsuit against Louise Hupp, in Scranton, Iowa.

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  1. hire a private investigator.

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  2. What are the grounds for a suit? I'm not sure that is a proper basis for a civil action, unless Texas has a tort I'm not aware of.

    Like Carmine said, hire a P.I., not a lawyer.

    Clark County, Nevada practitioner.