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I violated probation by a DUI on a felony charge, what will happen?

Waterbury, CT |

I have felony charges in Florida and somehow with great lawyers and god on my side, I got off with a few years probation. I was able to transfer my probation to CT, but unfortunately violated my probation with a DUI charge. This was my first and only probation, and quite unfortunate Violation. I'm a full time student, young and have a part time job, and and a fiancé. I just want some legal advice and the reality of this situation.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Contact a lawyer in your state.

  2. You obviously need a lawyer to represent you on the DWI charge. Hire an experienced one right away. Your lawyer can then talk to your probation officer to see if a warrant for violation of probation will be filed. If you are a first time dwi offender you would be eligible for a diversionary program which, if successfully completed, would result in the dismissal of the DWI charges. In these case some probation officers won't violate the probationer. But get an attorney right away!

  3. The biggest key to avoiding more serious penalties on the probation violation is to do whatever you can to fight or reduce the new DUI charges. Retain an experienced DUI attorney in CT to handle that for you, and hopefully your probation officers will be more lenient.

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