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I violated 5yr felony probation with unlicensed driving. I haven't shown up to probation in 6 months, how much time am I facing?

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I have youthful offender status. Original charge was Criminal procession of a weapon in the 3rd. I was on ISP probation. I only done 8 month of my probation. I already violated 2 times before on the same issue as stated above (unlicensed driving). It's already been 6 months since I last been to probation, no doubt they have a warrant for my arrest. I'm planning on turning myself in I'm curious about the maximum amount of time I will have to spend in prison.

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You face 1 1/3 years to 4 years as a sentence. A judge can give you that as a maximum or 1-3 or up to 1 year local in the county jail. If you go upstate, you can receive shock and be out in 6 months or so.
Good Luck!

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If the court finds that you violated probation you can be resentenced to any lawful sentence for the charge you were convicted of.

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Your maximum amount of time as a Felony plea is reduced to an E Felony for a YO is 1-1/3 to 4. It would depend on what was causing your violations and the may be able to negotiate something wherein they would allow you to get into a program if its substance abuse related.
Being that you already had two violations what is causing your license to be continued to be suspended, is it alcohol related? Is your PO refusing to allow you to get your license? Was there any mitigation to why your were driving. Either way, you need to get in touch with your prior attorney on the matter or hire new counsel and get to working on a strategy to limit your expose. The more time that you play ostrich and abscond .....the worse it is going to be!!!

Best of Luck to you!!!

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