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I've been scammed by a contractor what can I do?

White Plains, NY |

I'm embarrassed to say that I hired a contractor from craigslist to do my kitchen cabinets and countertops he came to the house and we signed a contract, after paying $4600 in cash deposit which was Hugh mistake he gave us the run around and was hard to reach, we eventually found him and he was upset that we even looked for him he said he will call us to schedule installation, after not hearing from him for few days and reading online that he scammed people in the same way we asked for our money back, he replied by email that we cancelled the contract and we lost our deposit and wrote take me to court hahaha,
Needless to say he doesn't have license but after going to police and consumer affairs and been turned down we are at lost, he is a criminal so what can I do at this point?
Thank you

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You will have to sue in small claims (if this is under the small claims amount). That said, this will likely give you nothing. If he is fraud getting a judgment will mean little other than having a judgment on record. You still have to collect and you may get nothing.

Sorry about the problems. Contact the local court about small claims and see if you want to pursue that but understand you may never get a penny back.

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It is disappointing that the police won't make an arrest. Try the District Attorney's Office. You can sue in small claims court and win - assuming you know where to serve him - but will then have to collect a judgment.

I am a former federal and State prosecutor and now handle criminal defense and personal injury/civil rights cases. Feel free to check out my web site and contact me at (212) 385-8015 or via email at The above answer is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.

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It is surprising and disappointing that the police will not investigate. I would also try the district attorney, contact your local media (newspaper/television channel) and see if they will run a story on this. There are investigative reporters interested in these types of issues and if these becomes more public, the police may eventually investigate.

As for the money you lost, I would sue the contractor for it. I would be floored if you did not get a judgment in your favor based on the facts you gave us above.

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i would have sued him but i found out he have too many judgements against him and they were not able to collect, and also he emailed me to sue him in court hahaha so its another reason not to bother with court, he should sit in jail but we were denied by any place we went to including district attorney so it doesnt look like there is anything to do legaly against him

Roman Tabatchouk

Roman Tabatchouk


Well it seems he is capable of continuing to rip people off. I would recommend this course of action: 1. See if you can organize a group of individuals that were ripped off by the same person. 2. As a group, give the police and DA a shot again...there is power in numbers. 3. As a group, file multiple complaints with Consumer Affairs: 4. Go to any and all local media outlets that will listen and publish your story. 5. I would still file a complaint and get in line for a judgment to preserve your rights if he ever does have money. On a contract you have a limited amount of time to enforce your rights so I would not recommend passing on it. If he ever comes into money and you've missed the deadline to sue him, you will not be allowed to enforce your rights.

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