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I used an escort service in the US and now I want to apply for residency. What to answer to the "prostitution" questions?

Miami, FL |

I used the Miami Companions service in Florida once and the service called "Bellamodels" in LA. Both (!!!) got raided/busted by the FBI. So I am now curious if it will come up during a background check when I apply for residency. My residency will be based on marriage to an US citizen. Is there a way to find out what the FBI has on record of me?

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    The ground of inadmissibility relating to prostitution is applicable only if you have engaged in prostitution, i.e. receiving compensation for perfoming a sexual act on a regular basis. It does not apply to the "john." However, it is unclear if you yourself have a criminal conviction. We run FBI checks on clients all the time when they have a criminal history.

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  2. If you were charged, then obviously the answer will be "yes". The only sure way to know will be by doing a FOIA request.

  3. I reposted your question under immigration so i hope you will get an answer from an immigration lawyer. It sounds like you are worried because you are on in a little 'black book' somewhere.

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