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I took my daughter to a doctor and they did not perform services.

Phoenix, AZ |

I took my daughter to a clinic where they were to give her a woman's checkup with pap. This was scheduled and confirmed in advance and paid in cash. All they did was give her a birth control shot claiming they don't offer those other services. They clearly both advertise and offer those services but for some reason denied them to my daughter!? I tried to contact there upper management but it seems they are blowing me off. Is this legal?

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    If services were not provided and they were paid for, there are a number of ways to address this. You could contact the state Board of Medicine, the State Consumer Affairs department or possibly try to find a consumer fraud lawyer, although some states do not allow consumer fraud cases involving professionals. More importantly, make sure to find another doctor and get whatever you need from them. Even if they provided you the services provided, they are obviously not to be trusted.

  2. Did you get a receipt? Does their advertising show a price for the services you paid for? You should send them something in writing. This is a contract question not a malpractice issue.

  3. Have them give you a reason for the denial, so you know