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I thought maybe you could help me understand the U.S. Constitution in layman terms: Article 3 section 2;and Const. Amend. 11

Brooklyn, NY |

due to retroactively effective change in laws controlling a issue in four (4) other States, however, because New York State has enacted no such law, I want to know as I now meet the exception in the change in the laws in the other States, can I request and dose it requires' application of the federal rule to extend judicial power to seek relief or do it preclude a person from seeking coram nobis relief under the circumstances New York State has not enacted that law. Dose that mean my issue has merit and requires a application in Federal Court if I'm seeking coram nobis relief under the circumstances? if yes, do that also mean a Federal Court judge in my county has the power to overrule or afforded me relief the State Supreme Court in the same county can't under the circumstances.

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I answered your question yesterday and tried to explain why you couldn't do what apparently you want to do. You then e-mailed me with a completely twisted interpretation of what I said. If you want to persist in your misreading of the constitution go ahead and file a federal claim and get bounced out of court. Maybe you'll learn from that.

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