I think my lawyer is charging me unfairly, what can I do?

I was charged $ 500 for my attorney to come to court with me . ( However , I asked him to file a formal motion , which he never did ) He tried " shushing " me when I asked the judge why we couldn't proceed with our case and she told me that it was because my lawyer never filed a formal motion , she said she was actually confused why we even showed up and had she reviewed our case before that morning she would have called us and told us not to come in . Which my lawyer obviously didn't want me to hear . So why am I getting charged $ 500 for him to get ready for court , he didn't do what I had even asked ? I also don't want my bill to go into collections , should I put the money in an escrow account while I am looking into everything , I am not paying for services that didn't meet my expectations .

Eden Prairie, MN -

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Jeremy Judson Cobb

Jeremy Judson Cobb

Bankruptcy Attorney - Minneapolis, MN
Landon J Ascheman

Landon J Ascheman

Criminal Defense Attorney - Saint Paul, MN

The first thing I would suggest is trying to sit down with your lawyer to find out what is going on, and why you are being charged for various services. I would note, this can often vary from the type of service being provided. A criminal case, for example, is very different from a contract dispute.

If meeting with your attorney doesn't satisfy you, you can always seek help from a local Bar Association like Mr. Cobb indicated.

Finally, you can always look for other counsel to take over your case.

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