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I need a little advise...please. first case: I recieved full custody of my daughter after I found out that she missed 45 days of school with in a five month period alond with 27 tardies. She was in the second grade. The school never contacted me. I was suspicious of something and called the school. They sent me the records and said I was not on the emergency card. The district attorney contacted me a week later and I told him the story. He told me that he had no interest in me. Should he have not prosecuted the mother? Do I have a case against the school district for not following through with California law and prosecuting the mother?

Corona, CA -

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Jonathan H Levy

Jonathan H Levy

International Law Attorney - Washington, DC

Any prosecution would be at the discretion of the district attorney, he is not required to do so. I do not see any possible cause of action and even if there was one, the net result would be counter productive by turning the school district into your enemy.

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