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I think I might have violated a no contact order what will happen.

Heyworth, IL |

I sent my girl some cds in the mail and I have a no- contact order she Got pissed and wants the eop emergncyorderprotection back in effect. what will they do to me.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Why did you make contact with her? You may have made things worse for yourself. In order to reinstate the Order of Protection, she must return to court and allege sufficient facts to indicate she is in fear of imminent harm. Sending CDs - depending upon what is on them - might not rise to that level. Get an attorney and follow his or her advice. It is possible you will never be summoned back to court for a new OP but it is also possible you will be called back to court for failure to comply with the no contact order with a request to have you found in contempt of court.

  2. What happens next depends on the nature of the "no contact order". Was it no contact at all or no "offensive or illegal contact."? Also, was an OP in effect already, or was the no contact pursuant to a condition of bond on a pending criminal matter? If there was a no contact OP, you can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for violating it. If it was a condition of bond on a criminal case, your bond can be revoked or increased. Talk to a local attorney.

  3. There either is or isn't an order of protection in effect. If there is, she will contact the police and you will be charged with violation if it bars what you did. If there is not one in effect, it is unlikely a judge would grant an emergency order unless there was something threatening about the cds.

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