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I suffered a brain injury, a skull fracture in 5-8 places when I was around 9. Now I can't work and they won't accept older reco

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records to prove that damage at a later age can occur and they base their medical disability on the previous year only. I am diagnosed with severe depression but no brain workup because my husband refused to pay a copay. We are getting a divorce and as an educator I have money with CAL STRS but they won't accept any documentation other than a doctor taking me immediately off work. What can I do? I can't concentrate well and get frustrated with paperwork. I was a speech path. My daughter has a brain injury which has no diagnosis and with my husband leaving and refusing to pay the correct amount of child support I can't help my child .

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  1. I am not licensed in CA and can provide only general advice. You should contact a disability lawyer unless you have had a more recent trauma or event that has caused additional damages. If that is the case ou should retain an injury lawyer. Good luck.

  2. It sounds like you have two separate questions. With regard to you, I agree that you should consult with a social security disability attorney who can assist you. As far as a personal Injury case, it is too late for you. The second question is with regard to your daughter. If your daughter's brain injury occurred during birth or later in an accident, she may have time left to file an injury claim, depending on when the incident occurred and her age now. You should immediately consult with a personal injury attorney to determine how to help your daughter. An attorney can help your daughter get the proper diagnosis and pursue a case for her with no money up front or out of pocket from you. Many attorneys, such as myself, here on AVVO Provide a free consultation. Good luck to you both.

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  3. I have changed your category to social security since you probably need to talk to an attorney that works in that area