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I stole a candle that cost$38.00 and got a misdemeanor summons for larceny 6, my first offense ever and I am on disability age64

Manchester, CT |

I stole this candle from walmart should I get a lawyer, being on disability I can't afford one

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  1. You should have a lawyer represent you. If you are indigent, and it sounds like you are, apply for a public defender when you go to court.

  2. I agree with Atty DeMateo. If you have no prior involvement with the Criminal Justice System you ought to get this ultimately dismissed. Depends what court it's in you may be able to resolve it with a charitable contribution and /or Community Service.
    I never admitting a crime again on an open forum like this. Good luck

  3. Retain an attorney or apply for Public Defender. And do not share private information in a forum like this.

    Answer is for informational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

  4. Your question is whether you should get a lawyer. Anyone accused of a crime should have the benefit of a competent lawyer - private or public defender. They will maximize the odds of your getting the best outcome possible. This could include some less formal penance in exchange for the case being dropped.

    As you are on disability, you will presumably qualify for a public defender unless you have valuable assets. Typically, a court would require someone to obtain counsel when they are charged with criminal conduct. Self-representation in the context of criminal accusations is not a good idea.

    My answer to your question is not legal advice, and, it does not form an attorney-client relationship, and, it is not confidential. If my general insights suggest to you that I may be able to help you with a specific issue, then please feel free to give me a call. C. Christian Young, Esq. Bridgeport, CT

  5. Attorney Woolf put it very well. It does depend on the jurisdiction. What court does the summons instruct you to report to?