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I sold my house in 2010.. Can I still qualify for Medicaid in Arkansas?

Hot Springs National Park, AR |
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I received much less than expected for my house because the title was not clear and there were many legal expenses. Most of the money from the sale has been spent, as I have had to live off the sale money.
Will the sale of a home stop me from qualifying for Medicaid?
I am 63 years old , took early retirement and cannot find a job. My retirement social security payments are $319 a month.

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No, actually what keeps many people from qualifying is too many assets. You may not qualify if you do not have a disability, but With the new Affordable Care Act, Medicaid roles are expanded or you might be able to qualify for reduced or free insurance beginning in January to carry you through to age 65 when you can qualify for medicare.

Every legal matter is fact specific, and there are often nuances in every case. This is intended for comment only, and does not create an attorney client relationship.

Aaron Scott Hill

Aaron Scott Hill


I've learned a little more about the situation since my post, and I've kinda addressed it on your second post. The lookback period is 60 months, So you will need to account for the money you got on the sale of your house in 2010. If any of the money was given away it will prevent you from getting medicaid (if you otherwise qualify) for a period of time.


your income and assets govern whether you are eligible for Medicaid, sounds like you may qualify, talk with the Medicaid office and tell them your income and assets

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