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I sold flooring to contractor who has not paid for it, yet. How can I find the property where my product was installed?

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I'm considering filing a mechanics lien but don't know where our product was installed . The date of sale was 35 days ago . Contractor is having money problems . There is no problem with the material . He picked up the flooring , we did not deliver to job site . Contractor is licensed . Will the job site going to show up in publicly available records somewhere ?

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  1. I'm assuming, since you did not deliver to the job site and don't know the property address, that you didn't do a preliminary notice to the owner. In which case, unless you still have time for the preliminary notice and timely serve one, you have no lien rights and your only recourse is a claim against the contractor to whom you sold the flooring

  2. We have reprented many vendors over the years. This is not easy, but have some ideas how to obtain. Lets just ay, this is a small world out there and employees love to talk. There is no public information, but if you call us we have somem ideas. But, you need to act fast on the location of the project. If the materials were delivered immediately, your 20 preliminary notice against the owner might be invalid. If they waited 15 days to install, you might still have a chance. But, even if invalid, why would any owner pay this contractor knowing a prospective lien exist? Complaint procedures exist with the CSLB and bond an option as well.

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  3. You will need to have served a

  4. I agree that without you sending a timely preliminary notice, that you have no lien rights bayou can still sue the contractor for breach of contract. If you supplied the materials in the last 20 says you can still send a preliminary notice now.

  5. Even if your lien rights are not intact, your contractual rights remain intact. Depending on the amount you may simply use small claims court. I would also suggest you contact the Contractor's state license board for direct resources. I have attached a link for your convenience. You may not be the only vendor having issues with this contractor and you can not only check if the contractor is lawfully operating but there are a lot of other answers on the site. Please see below.

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