I sold a childs dirt bike on craigslist nov.30, listed it as a honda found out it isnt a honda buyer wants a refund,

The guy I sold the bike to called last night said guy at power sport store says bike isnt a honda. I bought the bike two years ago from a guy selling it as a honda had no reason to not believe him it looked exactly like the bike on the honda website all the correct markings ect. I texted all the info to the guy before he came to my house to buy the dirt bike from me, I gave him the model and all the serial numbers. Now he wants a refund and is telling me what I did is a felony. Its been almost two months since I sold it to him, am I in trouble?

Lakeland, FL -

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Steven Michael Fahlgren

Steven Michael Fahlgren

Fraud Lawyer - Jacksonville, FL

You should give him a refund. It sounds like a negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract case from the other person's perspective. Take it back if it is in the same condition and sell it with proper disclosure and take comfort in doing the right thing.

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Chris Matthew Limberopoulos

Chris Matthew Limberopoulos

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Threatening you with a felony is a...... felony.
It's called extortion.
Offer him a refund.
Things happen. You both should put it behind you.

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