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I slipped and fell coming into Walmart.The floor was wet and there were no signs.I went to the emergency room and got x'rays.

Houma, LA |

I have a bruised knee and two sprain ankles.

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Then you should retain a local personal injury lawyer in your city to investigate a potential claim.

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Walmart is notoriously hard to deal with. They are self insured and have a claims management company dedicated to nothing but 'denying' claims.

It sounds like you may have a claim, but contact an attorney in your state to review all the facts of your claim. Make sure you get all the medical treatment you need. Even if Walmart was negligent in having excess water on the floor, you have to have enough damages 'medical cost' to justify a law suit. Also, slip and falls are difficult types of cases to win because if the hazard 'wet floor' was open and obvious then you had a duty to avoid it.
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We would need more facts to determine whether you have a claim. Walmart would be responsible if you can show that you fell on a dangerous condition and that Walmart had notice of such dangerous condition. Clearly the wet floor is a dangerous condition.. The issue is whether you can show that Walmart caused or created the floor to be wet or that Walmart knew or should have known that the floor was wet before you fell and failed to cure the condition. I agree with attorney Lassen you should retain a local personal injury to investigate

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Contact a personal injury attorney who handles slip and fall cases against Walmart. Remember to write down any witnesses names and phone numbers. Depending on where you fell often there is video that captures the fall. Hopefully you filled out a report with an employee and you made record of the event. If not I hope you have witnesses.

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