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I signed up for a class ,never took it, from UIC and now its preventing me from registering at UIUC.

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I was told by an adviser at UIC that the class would automatically drop by July 28th and therefore I dd not drop the class on my own. There was no way I could have payed for the class because neither I nor my parents could qualify for the loan.UIC is now charging a bill of 2500$. Had the adviser answered my question correctly I would have dropped the class immediately. I never showed up and I assumed the class had canceled. They told me to fill out a petition which I did ,however this petition will take 2 weeks to process when I need to register for UIUC by next Tuesday. I can't do this because there is a hold. We cannot do a payment plan because we simply can not afford it. I would like to at least remove the hold or argue that I shouldn't have to pay in the first place due to bad advisin

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You have taken the correct action.

    But, the two week timeframe is reasonable. See if you can do a contingent registration