I signed the release forms on my car accident case but the lawyer had no copies for me of what i signed am i at risk

Asked almost 2 years ago - Salem, MA

since i didn't get copies of the papers we signed he said the were releases for me and my fam accepting the amount the other party offered for each one of us he met me at a McDonald to sign i didn't even get to read it if i signed something thats not what he told me it is can i refuse and ask him to destroy what ever he made me sign plus he was trying to have me give him 40% instead of 33% with the pity that the other lawyer he works with was taking half his money from this car accident case

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    Answered . You should always get copies of any document that you sign. So, first, call and get copies of everything that you have signed ASAP. If you signed a contingent fee agreement for 33%, that's what the attorney may collect, and the attorney is out of bounds to ask for more. This is a very standard rate - some attorneys charge more. The contingent fee agreement is heavily regulated in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Here is a summary: [Blue-Link-Below]

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    Answered . I'm sorry that you signed up with a lawyer at the high fee of 40%. For example, my firm which serves PA & NJ only deducts a 29% fee with no costs deducted. In any event, have your attorney scan and email you a copy of the release.

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    Answered . Ask fot a copy of what you signed. As for the fee, fo you have s written fee agreement? If so, he can onky charge what the agreement says.

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    Answered . Your entitled to a copy of the Releases you and your family signed. Request them. If your lawyer failed to copy them then he can get them from the insurance carrier. Your signed fee agreement should determine the fee you pay. 40% would be considered high and only really is charged when handling malpractice cases.

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