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I shoplifted for the1st time, I think it was over $100. I'm an adult. About how much will the fee be @ do I need lawyer/attorney

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I confessed to the crime at the store with the police present. I took it. I also broke some thing, in order to take it. I asked for forgiveness, It was stupid@ I was greedy. I also think I have a problem @ need help. I am afraid for the future. I don't know what to do. This happed in a different town then where I live.

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    Generally, we get the matter dismissed prior to the court date, depending on when you contact us.

    Most lawyers will give you a free consultation if you ask for one. We do this all the time, but remember that our time is valuable and you should stay with the people who help you the most.

  2. Bad situation, but not the end of the world. I'll correct the practice area for you.

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  3. It sounds like you may be young and you've made a mistake - well, a few mistakes, but all part of the same incident. You need to see an experienced and compassionate criminal defense attorney who will also refer you to a psychologist/psychiatrist who can assist you in overcoming this type of aberrant behavior. I've seen this type of thing before and you definitely can work it out - with professional help.

    The lawyer will more than likely work the criminal matter out for you since it is a first offense, but you still need to use this experience as an incentive to work out the underlying emotional/psychological issue so it doesn't happen again.

    Good luck.

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