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I sent a Priority Mail flat rate envelope form my office in New York City, to my home near Albany New York.and it never arrived.

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I sent an Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope from my office in New York CIty, to my home near Albany, New York and it never arrived. The envelope contained many unopened letters, bills, an American Express card, bank and brokerage account statements. And even Legal documents such as a summons all that I packed into the Priority Mail envelope and sent to myself so I didn't have to travel with these items without a briefcase, or backpack it was jsut to much, and too important. Unfortunetly, the Post Office has provided NO explanation where the envelope is, and basically blames me for not insuring the envelope.
What can I do? Is the Post Office "above the law" I paid for the item, it was never delivered, at mnimum I should get my money back.. I did file a chargeback with my credit card issuer..

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    Did you pay the 70 cents for delivery confirmation. If not, there is not way to track the shipping and you are out of luck without recourse.

  2. If documents are truly important, you can get a certificate of mail, or send it certified, or send it by overnight, such that you will have a tracking number. Instead, your argument here is, "I mailed it. I really really did. And it never arrived. It really really didn't.

    End of story.

    Good luck to you.

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