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I requested reasonable accomodation on my employment application, but the employer never responded.

Whittier, CA |

I brought it to their attention 011709, but they tried to suspend me for one thing, and then fire me for another. Of all things - they are claiming that I falsified the application because I stated that I had never been fired before. I have worked for this co annually, but we complete a new app each year. This year there is a new mgt team, and I thought they might be at least responsive to the RA request. I need an attorney that will take this to court, as I have already done a demand letter.

The work was seasonal, and part time, but I was still discriminated against. How can I find an attorney who would want to do this? They all seem to not be interested. I want to sue them for under 100k. The wise business decision would be for them to settle out of court, and they MUST take the wise business decision because they are accountable to the stockholders (my opinion). I requested a sit-stand desk and monitor - something which I had been granted at my regular employer already, and something that did not present an undue burden because I also gave them the option of simply changing my work schedule to 5 or fewer hours per day.

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What was the reasonable accommodation that you requested?

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Regardless of whether you believe the employer will do the reasonable thing and settle with you, employers look at these matters quite differently, for a variety of reasons, and often won't without forcing you to sue them first. Plaintiff's lawyers must look at these cases as a business decision. They are very expensive to litigate, extremely time consuming, and unless there is a realistic prospect of a sizeable enough recovery to recoup the costs and fees incurred, you will have difficulty finding an attorney willing to handle this on a contingency basis. Apparently, it was the conclusion of the lawyers who have already reviewed your case, that it does not meet that criteria.

If you have not already done so, you should file a claim with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and ask them to investigate your case. If the investigation results in a finding in your favor, they could try to get a settlement from this employer or, in some cases, can file an action against it.

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