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I represent myself. Am I able to interview & pick the jury? The DA said he would eliminate jury members that had smoked pot.

Colorado Springs, CO |

I am 17 and representing myself. If I was accused of DUI Marijuana then why would the DA in Teller County Co. insist on selecting only jurors that have never smoked? (He said he would do that at an earlier hearing) I should be able to have a jury of my peers. Is it my right to question & select the jury members at the same time the DA does? This seems that in a women's rape trial that anyone on the jury that was a woman or ever raped would not be chosen. His request seems unconstitutional.

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You are in over your head. Do you perform your own surgery as well?


Colorado Springs:

The DA cannot automatically exclude a juror who has smoked marijuana without showing that juror is in someway biased. When the DA tries to exclude the juror, you will object. I strongly encourage you to get an attorney to help defend you. It is very difficult to represent yourself as you are held to the same standards as an attorney would be.



If you are going to represent yourself in this trial you will need to know how to conduct the entire trial- from jury questioning and selection, cross-examining witnesses, asking proper questions, objecting to irrelevant and potentially inflammatory evidence the DA will try to get in. In addition to all of this, you will need to have a strong understanding of DUI and the science behind a marijuana DUI. The DA will have an expert testify about impairment and DUI, if you are not prepared, the testimony could be persuasive to a jury and result in a conviction.
You need to retain an attorney that understands marijuana DUI's.

Richard Waldron Bryans Jr.

Richard Waldron Bryans Jr.


It has often been said, with great accuracy, that he who represents himself has a fool for a client.


This is why representing yourself is a terrible idea. You need counsel. Stop getting your legal advice from the DA. Remember this is the person trying to convict you.

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The short answer is Yes, you get to question the jurors also, right after the DA. You get to object to jurors in the same way the DA does. The even shorter answer is: you need an attorney. There are rules about talking to jurors, and questioning them. A DUI carries a possible jail sentence, so you qualify for a public defender if you cannot afford an attorney on your own. Please call the local public defender's office and ask them how you apply. Colorado has AMAZING attorneys in our public defenders' offices, please don't think that just because this person is free to you, that he/she is not an expert in his/her field! These are attorneys who are in court every day and have more experience than many private attorneys.

This legal information is provided for general legal purposes and does not establish a client-attorney relationship. Because of the limited information provided in the question, it is difficult to be certain that Counsel is answering the question correctly. You are encouraged to seek further information from an attorney directly so that follow up questions may be asked if necessary.

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