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I rented my basement appt. But now I want them to leave. But they won't. I live in WA. State.

Yakima, WA |
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I rented my basement apt 5months ago. But now I want them to leave and they wont. Now what? I want to move to the basement appt. And my mom can have the house.

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You hand them a 20-day notice terminating the tenancy. It is too late to terminate it in July; but you can tell them to be out at the end of August. If they would normally pay rent on the first of the month, then you have to tell them the tenancy is over on or before the 10th, and then you give them until the last day of August to be out. If they are not out, then you can start an unlawful detainer action. September 1, but not before then.
Elizabeth Powell

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is there basement apartment legal? You may need am experienced attorney to help you regain possession, forget about collecting any rent that's owed.

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I agree with Ms. Powell and you need to get the notice out in writing before the 10th of August. If they persist then you will be well served to hire a lawyer to perform the formal eviction.

Good Luck

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