I recieved a Subpoena to go to court but i am a married legal adult theygave it to my mom and it is also not under my legalname.

The name is a nick name not used for legal papers or anything aswhile as a different last name. I live in california if that helps any. I do not want to be called as a witness because i was abuse psyically by the criminal. This a case for another person not me they got me involved i told them i didnt want to be involved.

Santa Barbara, CA -

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Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Family Law Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA

If you know that the person the subpoena is referring to is you, then you must appear in court or the judge could issue a bench warrant for your arrest. There may be problems with service, but I'd recommend that you ask for a victim's advocate, and appear. That is the only way this "criminal" will be held accountable for the charges/allegations brought against him. There is help out there--and you are allowed to bring a friend with you for emotional support.

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Martha Bronson

Martha Bronson

Family Law Attorney - Tracy, CA

I agree with counsel above. I would add that there is such thing as substitute service and the service may ( or may not) be valid. Whether it is or not, if you do not appear, there could be a bench warrant issued for your failure to obey the subpoena. Accordingly I would recommend that you appear and seek the assistance as counsel above has recommended. Good luck.

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