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I recieved 3 different requests to set for trial (UD) from my landlord with 3 different dates, What should I do?

Los Angeles, CA |
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I filed an answer to the UD and received a request to set for non jury trial a week after. Then my landlord had someone else send me another one a week after that. Then I received another one from someone else 2 days ago. Now i'm confused as to when is 20 days starts count

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You are entitled to file a Counter Request to Set Case For Trial, if you so choose. Otherwise, it is the court which sets the actual trial date, not the landlord. You will receive a Notice of Trial in the mail sent to the address you indicated in the caption of your Answer to the UD Complaint.

Frank W. Chen has been licensed to practice law in California since 1988. The information presented here is general in nature and is not intended, nor should be construed, as legal advice for a particular case. This posting does not create any attorney-client relationship with the author. For specific advice about your particular situation, please consult with your own attorney.

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You can check with the court clerk's office as well.

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You can also check online the status of your case. If a trial date has been set by the Court it will be posted on line as well.

Assuming the case has been filed in Los Angeles County because that is where the question was posted, you can find the LA Superior Court website here:

You'll need the case number as well as the name of both parties and the address of the residence.

This response does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and I. I am not your lawyer and I am not representing you in the underlying issue stated in your question. The response I have offered is not intended to be relied upon, you should seek out an attorney to assist in this matter.

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