I recently traded my car to a guy i know and he had to order a replacement title but now he doesn't want to sign the title over.

I wrote out the bill of sale and clearly stated the car was sold as is and he is now wanting to trade back because he says that the car wont turn over and there is too much wrong with it but i know thats a lie because i drove the car everyday to and from work and never had a problem with it starting, he also says that i lied about everything that was wrong with the car and that is also a lie because he looked the car over i told him what was wrong with it, he drove it and made the trade and now he wont sign the title over unless i give him more money or we trade back. I need help.

Omaha, NE -

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Brendan Michael Kelly

Brendan Michael Kelly

Criminal Defense Attorney - Omaha, NE

Take him/her to small claims court to have the matter settled by the court.

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