I recently purchased a truck from a seller on craigslist website from a seller in Ny..However, after a few days of buying

Asked about 1 year ago - Syracuse, NY

truck I found out that it had many issues..Such as the engine would not turn over..Engine no good..Many wires need to be changed..Issues with steering ,etc..I paid about 2,000 for truck.. It had about 120k mileage. The owner stated on the listing and in person that he did not know exactly what the vehicle needed to get it fixed and running. He told me as is at the price and no warranty, etc..I agreed based on seeing the car, how it looks.etc..Do I have any recourse on recooperating my money? Suing in small claims court, filing lawsuit? Or would it not be worth it for me? Because, all in all I did agree on purchasing the truck on my own decision and what I saw..Although I didn't find out other issues until after buying truck from the private owner/seller.. Is it buyer beware ?

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Also, I knew firsthand from the seller that the vehicle/truck was sitting for a while, hence was not running and wouldn't start. I knew that I took a risk buying it as is..BUT..I didn't know the extent of the issues with this specific truck until after I checked it out on my own, after towing it to my home. The seller told me specifically that he did not know what it is that it needed specifically to get started and it was being sold "as is" ..I believe he did not have the money and or time to get it checked professionally by a mechanic himself. So I really don't think he knew exactly what the mechanical issues of the vehicale was after sitting so long.

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    Answered . If you knew it wasn't running and bought the truck as is, I don't see a case for you.

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    Answered . It appears to be buyer beware and you bought it as is.

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    Answered . It is doubtful that you have any recourse. Generally a sale of "as is where is" avoids any and all claims for defects later discovered. It is also likely to cost more than it is worth to pursue the matter any further. You might want to contact a NY attorney to see if any NY specific statutes might help you. (I am not licensed in NY.) All in all, you probably have a bad deal. Learn from it and don't let it happen again. Best of luck.

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