I recently have received a ticket from LAPD for walking on the crosswalk? What options do I have in order to clear the ticket?

I received ticket from LAPD for walking on crosswalk when red hand was blinking and 10 seconds were remaining. I had came to US 2 months ago and was not aware of fact that you should not start walking when red hand is blinking. Are there any options available in order to clear $197 ticket that I had received? Thanks in advance

Lake Forest, CA -

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Alan Graham Keating

Alan Graham Keating

Criminal Defense Attorney - Seal Beach, CA

Sorry to hear that you have been here such a short time and have already experienced the heavy handed approach of local law enforcement. It's really not the worst thing in the world other than being out of pocket. You will have to decide what it's worth to you to fight the ticket - if you go to court and the officer fails to show your case will be dismissed. On the other hand, do the math, if you spend the time to travel to LA from Lake Forest and the cop shows up - would it have been cheaper just to pay the ticket? It's really a numbers game. I am not saying you can't fight and win, it's just a question of the value to you. Good luck to you.

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Seth Andrew Weinstein

Seth Andrew Weinstein

Criminal Defense Attorney - Sherman Oaks, CA

It's an Infraction and doesn't affect your auto insurance or your criminal record. It's better to pay the ticket unless you have a reason to be in LA on the same day as the ticket.

Seth Weinstein, Esq.
Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney
(310) 707-7131

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Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Thousand Oaks, CA

Fight this ticket !

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