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I recently got a 36 CFR 4.21 federal speeding ticket for exceeding park area speed limit 51mph in a 35mph zone in Virginia.

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I recently got a federal speeding ticket for exceeding park area speed limit 51mph in a 35mph zone in Virginia. The offense charged was 36 CFR 4.21 and the forfeiture amount was $80, plus $25 processing fee.
I'm thinking of paying the ticket right now online, but was wondering, how many points will it be for a ticket like this? Also, will this create a criminal record for me, or just appear on my driving record?
Since I've never gotten a ticket like this before, what will it do to my overall driving record, will this affect my insurance in any way?
I really appreciate the help.

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A federal speeding ticket is like a local speeding ticket in many ways.
Being that this is your first time I would suggest you do a little research as to what a traffic conviction does to you.
The fine up front isn't too bad, however you get a mark on your record. You insurance can now start to raise their price on your, (which is not a small amount), and next time you are pulled over for anything, your prior record can be used against you in criminal proceedings as proof that you are not a law abiding citizen. True the damage on your reputation in negligible, however what about after you have a second and a third? Often all a person has is there reputation and their record.

I suggest that the slightly hirer price of a local criminal defense attorney to fight/ negotiate this offense for you is well worth the price.

This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)

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