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I recently filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will be a while for me to get a home.

Indio, CA |

Can my son who is a miner be on the home loan papers and use my income?

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  1. No creditor will lend money to a minor because a child lacks the legal capacity to enter into a contract. Do not attempt to subvert the process by using your child's social security number because you would be committing the crime of identity theft.

    Hope this perspective helps!

  2. Ms. Bunce is correct about all of her advice to you.

    But you said it will be a while, and I wonder if you know how short that can be. You can generally qualify for an FHA home loan 24 months after the discharge, as long as your credit score is 620 or above. Most consumers will have a credit score above this in less than a year after the discharge.

  3. No, a minor cannot get a loan. Moreover, no one else can "use" your income to qualify for a loan.

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  4. Bad Idea. Not good for you the bank or your son. The bank would not intentionally lend to a minor because minors are not legally able to make binding contracts. If you lied about his age then both of you would be committing a fraud. Best to find an adult who is willing to help you.

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  5. But doesn't he earn good money, himself with a (high-risk) job as a miner, and wouldn't qualification for such a position necessarily imply he's not a minor?

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  6. If he is a miner then it would probably be ok. If he is a minor then definitely not.