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I recently cut my arm really bad like half way through ,the doctor in the er was a independant contracting phsyican .need to sue

Logansport, IN |

went in christmas night bleeding out couldnt even get out of car from loss of blood and passed out in the doorway. they carried me and everything but here it is i had 33 stitches with several stitches on the inside of the muscle anyways i woke up not knowing were i was to a woman poking me in the hand with a needle and im in shock so i try to move out of the bed freaked out well they slam my cut wrist down on the bed her fingers inside my cut they gave me a sedative and i passed out .well it gets worse while i was sleeping the nurse put a iv in me and walked away and it wasnt in right and my arm looked like i smuggled a grapefruit in it .the stitches are healing but i cant close my fist and im worried they didnt see a cut tendon.not to mention she didnt inform me she really isnt an employe

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  1. Perhaps I do not fully understand what you are looking for. You may have a med mal claim, but without more information as to your injuries it is difficult to tell. Have you followed up with care?

  2. Consult another surgeon to see if this is something that will improve with time or whether additional care is needed. Probably too early to know if there is permanent injury.

  3. You can't expect the emergency room to be a pleasant experience, especially when you are bleeding out. You apparently had a bad injury and it will take some time to heal. You should be following up with a hand surgeon. It's too soon to be thinking about a malpractice claim. Give it at least a couple of months with treatment to see how you recover.

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