I received two citations, each with a $250 deposit, for marijuana possession & paraphernalia with a mandatory court date.

Asked 4 months ago - Schofield, WI

Last night I was at home & had been drinking due to depression. While drunk, I fell, hit my head and was thought to be posing a danger to myself so the police were called to help. I was not arrested but I was taken to the hospital do to the fall. I was served the citations at the hospital. The issuing officer informed me that I would not be arrested and no felony charges were to be filed nor was I to be incarcerated and I was further told by the officer that, due to my lack of any prior offenses of any kind, this would not be going into a criminal file or record. I was told I must go to the Municipal Court on April 22 to pay the fine. What do I do at the court date, what should I expect, can I go into court before April 22, will I experience any further legal ramifications or punishments?

Additional information

The amount of marijuana was under a half an ounce and there were two small pipes confiscated, one standard the other a hand sized water pipe and a small bong as well as a grinder.

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  1. Brian Severson

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    Answered . You say its municipal court, which would only handle non criminal citations. However, those would not have mandatory appearances, only criminal charges in circuit court would be mandatory. It would be helpful to know if these are misdemeanor citations or ordnance civil tickets to be able to tell you anything.

  2. Michael C. Witt


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    Answered . If the municipal ordinance in question simply adopted state law, as most municipalities do, you are going to want to know if that court imposes license suspensions on these convictions before pleading guilty or no contest. The offenses described could have been charged as misdemeanor crimes, and once you have one misdemeanor possession offense on your record, a second offense for simple possession can be charged as a felony. If you are abusing alcohol and drugs to the point where you are injuring yourself, you need to get some help with your substance abuse problem as well as the underlying depression. Alcohol and marijuana are depressant drugs that won't do anything positive for your depression, and if you take affirmative steps to address your problems, the court may take that into consideration. Don't ignore the clear message this incident is sending regarding your need for help. If these are municipal citations, you should be able to hire a lawyer to handle the court aspects of the problem for you, while you work on the mental health/substance issues. Good luck.


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